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Our Sustainable Practices

I remain clean!


Zero Waste Growing Operation 

We compost all roots and soil so nothing goes to waste and no added fertilisers needed.


0 waste eating 

As our microgreens lay above the soil (yes including the seed!) all stems and leaves remain clean as they grow so they don't require water to rinse. We simply cut off  from the stems to harvest.



No chemicals, just pure water- all organic

We believe in pure goodness, which is why we don't use any nasty chemicals including 0 herbicides and pesticides.  We also only use organic seeds and soil Everything is originally grown.  



Locally produced 

We only deliver and grow locally in Tottenham so your greens are hyper fresh. Short transportation distances mean significantly less CO2 emissions.


Small, compact,mighty

As microgreens are significantly smaller, and lighter than mature adult veg, and they pack a bigger nutritional punch, they are the perfect sustainable food of the future. Easy to transport further reducing emissions.


All reusable and recyclable packaging  

All packaging is easily recyclable and we reuse everything for our schools programs. Eg our free Grow- it yourself kits for students to take home.  


Vertical Farming 

Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers. As a result this utilsied signifiantly  less water and land ( 98 % less water and 99 percent less land%)

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