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Why do we do this?

We're mad about sharing the benefits of mighty microgreens. We know how difficult it is to  consume the right nutrition during our busy lives whist not at the expense of the planet, so we aim to educate as much as we can.

We hope to excite students and their parents to both eat and grow microgreens themselves and learn about the importance of eating a healthy diet and the enjoyment of cooking.

Our workshops teach growing skills and provide at-home growing kits so children and their families can eat fresh affordable highly nutrient dense microgreens grown on their window sills in less than 2 weeks.

Our Programs

Want to try out some planet friendly menus or learn how to grow your own superfood veg all year round?


We have carefully developed a range of workshops and classes that suit everyone from tiny tots to busy office workers. 

See which ones might be for you!

Fill in the form to register your interest and  learn more.

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