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A bit about us

Little microgreens, big dreams

We started Greens Made Easy in 2022 with a dream to make it easier for people to do themselves some good.



I used to be a busy mum with a job and 3 young children and remember how hard it was to peel and chop my way through enough vegetables to get our 5 a day. 20 years later I’ve teamed up with my now grown-up daughter to grow intensely nutrient rich greens that you just sprinkle on top of whatever is on your menu that day.   -Frances P.


We especially care passionately about how children eat as it significantly affects both mental and physical health and learning outcomes at school. That's why we put 50% of all our profits back into our school’s growing workshop program.




Sustainable promise 

As well as our microgreens that naturally grow planet friendlily , we have worked had to streamline our strategy and ensure the wider company's operations are also sustainable. 

Fancy seeing where we grow? 

If you fancy our vertical farming system and microgreens for yourself , email  and let us know when you would like to come.

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