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Microgreen Grow-at-home Kit

Microgreen Grow-at-home Kit

SKU: 0001

Our Microgreen Grow-at-home Kit makes growing your own microgreens year round easy.  It includes everything you need to enjoy a freshly harvested nutrient dense boost straight from your windowsill onto your plate!


It takes just a few minutes a day to water and children love to watch the beautiful foliage sprout turn green and shoot up in days!


Our Microgreens Kit includes everything you need to get started on your growing journey 

  • Reusable seed trays (3 trays in total)
  • Coir (2 coir mats)
  • A growing guide
  • A handpicked selection of easy to grow microgreens seeds:
  1. Broccoli one of the most nutritious microgreens there are! Mild and delicate it packs an incredible nutrient punch packed with Vitamins A, B and C, potassium, calcium and phosphorous
  2. Radish - peppery delight filled with Vitamin C, iron and magnesium fabulous in an egg mayo sandwich!


Want to grow again and need more seeds?  Order online and choose from a wide range from sunflowers, coriander to  pea micros. Replacment coir mats and trays also available.



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